Meet the Team: Emy Jouet

Emy Jouet - Emerique&Partners

We Are Thrilled To Welcome The Latest Member Of The Emérique And Partners Team, Emy Jouet!

After 2 years of experience as a contract recruiter in the IT and Tech industry, Emy decided to join Emérique & partners to specialize in banking and insurance. 

Her knowledge of the contract sector coupled with her experience in innovative niches as well as her determination and ambition, will contribute greatly to the growing success of the E&P contracts team.

Her bachelor’s degree in psychology taught her to be attentive to detail and be a great listener, she is also trustworthy and will help our clients and contractors make choices that suit them the best.

Reliable, ambitious and resilient, Emy is always looking to make a difference.

Read On To Get To Know Emy A Little Better…

🗣 Describe yourself in 3 words: 

I would describe myself as people-oriented, passionate and reliable.

💬 What languages can you speak? 

I can speak French, English and I’m learning Japanese.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or talents?

I love traveling and I try to visit at least two new country a year, I also enjoy doing yoga and meditation


🧲 What attracted you to Emérique & Partners?

My first contact with Emérique & Partners showed me a very attractive company culture, very different from what I knew of the industry, and a great environment to build a career.

💭Why is your specialist sector interesting to you?

I specialize in the contract industry and I like how fast and challenging it is. I also found the banking and insurance sector to be one of the most interesting as it’s always changing and growing into new activities.

What’s your favourite way to start your day?

I usually enjoy starting the day by listening to calm music.

Interesting In Joining Our Team? Discover More And Apply On Our Work For Us Page!

Join us in welcoming Emy to the Emérique & Partners team 👏

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Emy Jouet - Emerique&Partners

Meet the Team: Emy Jouet

We Are Thrilled To Welcome The Latest Member Of The Emérique And Partners Team, Emy Jouet!
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