Celebrating Christmas at E&P!

What a year 2023 has been for team Emérique and Partners…

From celebrating our 6th birthday, to an ever-growing team, expanding into new markets and territories, and working with brilliant candidates and clients, both old and new.

As such, the E&P Christmas party was the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on and honor these achievements.


We kicked off the day with a vision session, sharing our goals for 2024 and gathering the teams input on these.

Next, we had an awards ceremony where team members won awards based on their contribution to Emérique and Partners in 2023. We also did our present exchange, with team members giving and receiving thoughtful gifts 🎁


Then, the team enjoyed some food at the office before heading out to take part in the very festive – and competitive – game of curling! The fun didn’t stop there, with the team also enjoying some board games together.


Finally, the night culminated with a feast at a Lebanese restaurant, and a show from a fire eater and a belly dancer!


It was a fantastic way to celebrate our successes from the year, thank the team for all their hard work, and get excited about the possibilities 2024 holds.

While the evening may have been a celebration of the E&P team, we also wish to thank all our candidates and clients for their support this year – we’ve loved every opportunity to elevate partnerships and professionals in 2023, and wish you the best of luck for the new year.

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