Our Q4 Sales Day Showdown!

At Emérique and Partners, each quarter we tap into the team’s natural competitiveness and host a thrilling Sales Day!

In Quarter 4, we held a day themed around deep headhunting. With deep headhunting requiring unparalleled industry and functional knowledge, the ability to spot emerging trends and great people skills, this sales day aligned with all of our core values. 

In order to compete for the coveted choice of prizes for the champions – either a two-hour paid lunch at a restaurant of their choice or a team activity with a 4 pm departure – the wider team was then split into three teams.

Team 1 consisted of Ata, Stephane B, Marie and Kerem; team 2 featured Justine, Amayèle, Maxence, and Anthony; and on team 3 was Skadi, Kevin, Stephane Abraham and Joris. 


Despite both teams exerting remarkable effort and providing invaluable contributions, there can only emerge a solitary victor…


Amidst the intense rivalry, team 3 claimed a well-deserved victory and secured the title!

Choosing the delicious Duck & Waffle for their two-hour lunch, Skadi, Kevin, Stephane Abraham and Joris enjoyed creatively reimagined comfort food, including the iconic namesake dish, before returning to the office to end the work day on a high.

A big thank you to both teams for your fantastic dedication during the Sales Day! Looking forward to unveiling who takes the crown next quarter…

Want to be a part of our next sales day? We’re hiring!

Check out our open opportunities here 👇

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