Celebrating Excellence at Emérique & Partners – Meet Our Q2 2023 MVP!

It’s time to introduce you to the MVP for Q2 at Emérique & Partners – the remarkable Joris Voidic! 🏆

Each quarter, our senior team nominates an MVP based on a set of stringent criteria, including professionalism, ethics, teamwork, integration, and overall performance.

Joris joined Emérique & Partners nearly 8 months ago, and from day one, he’s been an absolute star.

His journey here is a testament to the incredible growth and development that can happen when hard work, positivity, and determination collide.

Let’s dive into what made Joris the Q2 MVP at E&P:

  • Resilience and Perseverance: Joris walked into our world with little knowledge of the recruitment realm, but he tackled every challenge head-on. He has shown remarkable resilience, never giving up even when faced with adversity.
  • Team Spirit and Positivity: Joris is not just a colleague; he’s the embodiment of a great team player. His infectious good mood and unwavering team spirit create an atmosphere where everyone thrives.
  • Rapid Learning: In an industry that moves at lightning speed, Joris’ ability to absorb knowledge and adapt quickly is awe-inspiring. He is proof that a thirst for learning can take you to new heights.

Just some of Joris’ achievements that assisted him in receiving the MVP award include:

  • Getting an offer in his first month, which is the fastest offer ever received at E&P.
  • Bringing in a new client that is one of the major players within the French market.
  • In a challenging economic market, Joris never shied away from hard work, canvassing in both French and English.

Joris’ journey at Emérique & Partners is a shining example of what can be achieved with the right attitude, dedication, and a dash of resilience.

His future is undoubtedly bright, and we’re excited to see the heights he’ll reach.

Congratulations, Joris, on being named our Q2 2023 MVP! 🏆

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