Introducing Our Newest Team Members at Emérique & Partners!

In recent months at Emérique & Partners, we’ve been continuing to grow our exceptional team with the addition of two new starters who are already showcasing their expertise. 

Read below to find out more about them…

Up first, we have Malvina Muraccioli – joining the E&P as part of our growing Contracts team.  

Malvina’s social and ambitious nature, in addition to her deep knowledge of industry intricacies and market dynamics enable her to successfully identify and connect high-calibre candidates with her clients.

Read below to learn more about her…

💬 What languages can you speak? 

French and English

📝 Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Yes, I really enjoy writing in my free time!

💡Why is your specialist sector interesting to you? 

I find the banking sector interesting due to its complexity, diverse positions and the critical role banks play in the economy, making the recruitment of top talent both challenging and rewarding.

🐈 Do you have any pets? 

I have a Persian cat called Nao

🌅 What is your favourite way to start the day? 

I enjoy kicking off my day by going to the gym.


Next up, and joining us as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, we have Amayèle Sy. 

Her previous experience has taught her the importance of always giving a quality service and going the extra mile.

Additionally, Amayèle’s exceptional organisational skills, efficiency, and ability to easily develop and maintain strong relationships allow her to provide a fluid acquisition process from start to finish.

As such, Amayèle will play a vital role in assisting the growth of E&P to help us meet our ambitious scale-up plans. 

Read on to learn more about her…

🗣 Describe yourself in 3 words

Optimistic, spontaneous, and funny

💬 What languages can you speak?

English, French

🎬 Do you have any interesting hobbies? 

I love to watch sci-fi and horror movies. I also enjoy painting while listening to music, as well as modelling for my designer friends.

💡 Why is your specialist sector interesting to you?

It is interesting to learn more about another complex industry, as I joined Emérique & Partners with knowledge solely of the tech sector. 

🎧 What are you listening to right now?

I am currently listening to Fergie – Glamorous on repeat! 

Join us in welcoming both Malvina & Amayèle to the Emérique & Partners team 👏


Interesting in joining our team? Discover more and apply on our Work For Us page.

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