Our Q2 Sales Day Showdown!

At Emérique and Partners, every quarter we tap into the team’s natural competitiveness and host an exhilarating Sales Day!

In Quarter 2, we held a day themed around market intelligence, aligning closely with our value of trusting market insights – we pride ourselves on unrivalled market intelligence, meaning that every decision and consultation is the result of trusting data-supported insights.

In order to compete for the coveted choice of prizes for the champions – either a two-hour paid lunch at a restaurant of their choice or a team activity with a 4 pm departure – the wider team was then split into two.

Team 1 consisted of Justine, Marie, Stephane Abraham and Joris, and on Team 2 was Kerem, Kevin, Stephane Binet and Anthony. Both teams put in incredible effort and made invaluable contributions – but there can only be one winner…

In spite of the fierce competition, Team 1 were crowned the worthy winner and took the title!

Choosing the iconic SushiSamba for their two-hour lunch, Justine, Marie, Stephane Abraham and Joris enjoyed a stunning selection of sushi dishes before returning to the office to end the work day on a high.

Thank you to both teams for your fantastic efforts on the Sales Day! We can’t wait to see who takes the winning title next time…

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