Yasmine Madi

Yasmine began her experience as a researcher at Emérique & Partners by joining the firm in 2021, as part of its development plan.

Located within the insurance division, it is mainly responsible for finding actuarial profiles, but also profiles specialized in corporate finance and sustainable finance. She was quickly seduced by the rich and varied tasks of her position and was delighted with the opportunity which allowed her to actively contribute to the firm’s growth.

Yasmine has a degree in business development. With two years of experience in events for a law firm, her training and experience will allow her to maintain excellent client relations. She will also develop her passion for customer support and satisfaction.

Curious and proactive by nature, Yasmine does not hesitate to outdo herself to unearth, within the allotted time, the right profile for Emérique & Partners’ clients.

Beyond her professional life, Yasmine is passionate about gastronomy, music and new technologies.

Yasmine Madi

Consultant – Actuarial

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