Suzy Gnenego

It is within the firm Emérique and Partners that Suzy began her first experience in headhunting. She joins us in 2021.

After training in human resources, Suzy has developed essential skills that allow her to analyze the personality of each candidate and thus detect their adequacy with the culture of each company. His course also gave him in-depth knowledge of recruitment processes.

Today, Suzy holds a position as a researcher at Emérique & Partners and her primary role is to support our consultants in identifying suitable candidates for the mandates entrusted to them.

Her motivation and her perpetual quest for new knowledge led her to join the world of recruitment specializing in a field hitherto unknown to her: insurance, through recruitment in finance and actuarial services.

For her, starting out in a start-up is an opportunity to take on new challenges. Her sociable and enthusiastic nature makes her an essential element within the firm.

Suzy Gnenego

Researcher – Banking