Stéphane Binet

After obtaining his Master’s degree, Stéphane decided to move to London. During this adventure, he met several people including Emérique, founder of Emérique & Partners. The latter gave him a taste for the recruitment sector before joining his team and living the start-up experience in England.

Stéphane joined the team of Emérique & Partners to assume the position of recruitment consultant in quantitative finance, within the banking division. He is now a Research and Engagement Consultant, utilising his proactive approach to help attract candidates for the Emérique & Partners team.

Stéphane is a simple, sporty, results-oriented person who loves competition.

His goal is to become a major player in London society and his added value lies in his hard work, his rigor and his determination.

Stéphane is a graduate in administration and international exchanges with a digital marketing option.

He is passionate about football, boxing, cinema and manga.

Stéphane Binet

Research and Engagement Consultant

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