Naimah Grant

With her experience as an ex-contract recruiter in the fast-paced IT market, Naimah joins Emerique & Partners’ fast-growing contract desk. 

Her previous experience will help her guide you through your placement process with ease and eagerness. Her love for challenges and natural determination give her the resilience required to find our clients the best contractors on the market.

Because of her educational background and her past experiences in various people-oriented industries, Naimah is the ideal contract recruiter – she developed the required expertise and knowledge to advise both candidates and clients. She’s always open for a discussion and makes herself available to guide you to make the best decisions for your next move. 

Naimah specialises in the banking and insurance industry, and places in niches such as compliance, risk, sustainable finance, corporate finance, and projects.

Naimah has a double bachelor’s degree in languages, business and communication.

Naimah Grant

Associate Consultant, Contract, France