I hereby come to bring you my appreciation on the intervention of {the consultant} during the recruitment of a senior market risk analyst in our company. {The consultant} sent us quality applications with a targeted profile compared to to our research. In addition to the very good telephone contact that I was able to have with her, she knew how to be reactive and followed up on the various applications submitted.

She was a force of proposal and inventiveness to best present the financial proposal envisaged for the successful candidate. She ensured a follow-up even after the signing of the contract by the candidate in order to ensure that he came to us. I particularly enjoyed working with her, especially for her responsiveness and positivism.


Two months ago, I joined a large audit and consulting firm. The recruitment firm Emerique & Partners played an important role in my recruitment. Both professional and caring, {the consultant} ensured a permanent follow-up of my application, punctuating each step of the process with her encouragement and advice. With her, we are in interview before being there! I therefore have no hesitation in warmly recommending her.