The goal of this letter is to provide my assessment of Emérique Opou’s work as a recruitment consultant in the actuarial field. I had the opportunity to work with Emérique as a candidate during my previous job when I was looking for my next career step. And while I received many job offers at the time from a surprisingly high number of consultants, Emérique really distinguished herself by providing only relevant offers corresponding to what I was looking for. I was also really impressed by her knowledge of the French actuarial market and by her deep understanding of the recruiters’ personalities. The inputs she was able to provide on the people I had interview with were always accurate and, of course, useful. That’s why, after moving to my current position as head of the ALM team at XXX, I urged our HR department to hip her when we needed someone to help us recruiting an ALM actuary. During that mission, she met our expectations by helping us improving our offer, delivering pretty good and relevant résumés, providing accurate and honest inputs on the candidates, and by helping us convincing them to consider our offer in spite of the difficulties. During that mission, she confirmed what was already thought about her professionalism and, even if at the end we recruited a former intern instead of going with one of the more senior candidates she brought, it was considered that she did her job well. As a direct consequence, the company she works for was put in charge of several other recruitments for XXX. I consider Emérique as the best recruitment consultant I have worked with as she really stands out from the rest. And as it is a real pleasure working with her, I would definitely hire her again should I need to recruit an actuary.