We are writing you to give you our opinion about your Principal Recruitment consultant’s (Emérique Opou) services regarding our Actuarial recruitments. 2010 and 2011 were quite busy years for us generally but especially for our actuarial & Financial departments. At the time (2010) we were working with other agencies which never fully satisfied our needs; therefore, we accepted to collaborate with Huxley Associates and Emérique in particular. Emérique, who was in charge of most of our actuarial mandates in 2011, showed a great understanding of our specific needs in this difficult context. She also showed a good understanding of the European actuarial Market and was able not only to deliver good CVs but also to give us an accurate overview of the actuarial market. We also valued her advice very much, regarding the salary, types of profiles we should/shouldnt recruit, the best way to close offers etc. Her reactivity, professionalism, and ability to quickly understand complex issues made the difference and allowed us to recruit 3 candidates:
1 Technical Director
1 Head of Technical reporting 1 Financial Actuary
All three recruitments are considered successful. Another essential point for us was to work with a consultant who could efficiently represent us and help us attract good candidates. On top of being a successful recruitment consultant, Emérique is a real pleasure to work with and shows great determination to succeed. We would be very pleased to continue working with her in the near future. We truly consider her as the most efficient recruitment consultant weve worked with so far on actuarial mandates.