Our qualitative approach



We have set ourselves quality targets that we keep in mind every day in order to deliver the highest quality service. Here are some examples:

. For every two profiles submitted, the client must meet at least one candidate. This ratio reflects our understanding of your needs
. For every three applications submitted, one candidate must be considered for a position and receive an offer of employment. This ratio attests to our ability to ensure, at each stage of the process, that the candidate is interested in the position, that they are technically a good fit for the position and that their attitude matches that of the team they will join
. 100% of offers are accepted: This means that our consultants must ensure that the salary expectations are in line with the budget allocated for the position. This also implies the candidate is assessed based on their interest in the position (as opposed to other internal or external opportunities) throughout the process.
. 100% of recruited candidates pass their probationary period: a qualitative follow-up is ensured during the integration period, with both the professional and the client, to ensure that any potential problems are identified as early as possible and solutions are found.
. Retention rate: 90% of our recruitments are made with the same companies, which is a testimony to the satisfaction of our clients.


  • Pro-activeness: Our priority is to find the right resources in the shortest possible time
  • Resilience:  For each mission, success is our only option
  • Engagement / Level of commitment: Our tenacious nature drives us to deploy all the resources to find the right professional
  • Respect: We respect a code of ethics with regard to both companies and professionals
     compagnies que de celui des professionnels
  • Honesty: Every professional and client can count on our transparency throughout the process and beyond

During my collaboration with {the consultant}, I appreciated his commitment and his professionalism as well as his ability to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of his clients. All his qualities are coupled with a formidable energy and an always joyful and positive mood.



  • We provide a permanent and personalised qualitative follow-up.
  • We offer you tailored solutions.
  • We offer our clients permanent competitive intelligence and objective market feedback

I highly recommend {the consultants} at Emerique & Partners. They are very professional, listen carefully to your needs and provide you with their best advices, bespoke for your special situation. They are very useful both for the employer and possible employee as they keep the needs of their clients and candidates at the forefront of their decision making at all times. It would be nice if more recruitment consultants could demonstrate the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism as they do.


  • Professionalism: We are committed to maintaining strict confidentiality in all our activities. You will be represented with seriousness, enthusiasm and insight.
  • Expertise: Our knowledge of the market allows us to quickly assess your needs and provide you with an accurate solution.
  • Consultative approach: We advise you throughout the process and beyond.
  • Results-oriented culture: Your satisfaction is our priority and we are determined to earn it.
  • Flexibility: We adapt to your needs and offer you customised solutions.
  • Transparency: We offer objective and constructive feedback.

The sympathy, professionalism and natural and communicative enthusiasm that {the consultant} transmits from the first exchange of the recruitment process will allow you to approach all your interviews calmly and with confidence. You will also benefit from his strong coaching skills which will put the odds on your side {…}