Determined to put down his suitcases, Florian joined the firm Emérique & Partners in 2021 and began his first experience in headhunting.

After a Master in International Trade in Paris, he specialized in the organization of sustainable development in business in order to submit economic performance (without neglecting it) to the joint achievement of social/societal and environmental objectives.

His past experiences in customer service in niche sectors have enabled him to refine the active listening of his customer in understanding his technical needs.

Curious by nature, Florian works as a recruitment consultant specializing in actuarial science, with the main mission of finding the rare pearl for the firm’s clients. Florian operates in the French, Swiss and Irish markets.

Its advantage lies in its ability to create a link to understand the expectations of candidates and find a solution within the given time.

Florian is passionate about second-hand fashion, “Do It Yourself”, jogging and backpacking in the great outdoors.