“I have known Emérique for a few years now, and I had the opportunity to work with her in the past. Emérique is a very professional headhunter, who really wants to create a relationship with potential candidates / clients. For her, it is very important to build something on a long term basis and not only on a one-shot mission. As a candidate, this is something I find very important and interesting, as it allows her to really know people and their requirements and wishes. Emérique has always been very attentive to what my constraints or wishes could be, and it is very important for her to find the best solution for the candidate and the company she is working for. Emérique has always been of very good advice, and she is always ready to help. What is also very important to my eyes is that she keeps in touch even after the recruitment phase is over, in order to know if everything is going well in the new role. This is something really very much appreciated. For all those reasons, and for others, I highly recommend Emérique to everyone who would like to recruit someone, but also to every candidate looking for a new challenge or opportunity in another company.”